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Equinor ASA (formerly Statoil and StatoilHydro) is a Norwegian state-owned multinational energy company headquartered in Stavanger. It is primarily a petroleum company, operating in 36 countries with some investments in renewable energy. By revenue, while under Statoil name, Equinor was ranked by Forbes Magazine (2013) as the world's eleventh largest oil and gas company and the twenty-sixth largest company, regardless of industry, by profit in the world.

The Statoil corruption case (Norwegian: Statoils Horton-sak) refers to Norwegian oil company Statoil’s misconduct and extensive use of corruption in Iran in 2002/2003 in an attempt to secure lucrative oil contracts for the company in that country. This was mainly achieved by hiring the services of Horton Investments, an Iranian consultancy firm owned by Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani, son of former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani. Horton Investments was paid US$15.2 million by Statoil to influence important political figures in Iran to grant oil contracts to Statoil. The corruption scandal was uncovered by Norwegian paper Dagens Næringsliv on September 3, 2003. Although this case became infamous in the western media and Statoil was found guilty by the Norwegian courts no verdict was reported by the Iranian side regarding Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani's bribery case.


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Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management dont care about staff, i got bullied for 9 months, spoke to manager 4 times and nothing was done. I was always put on late shifts with all the days work left for me in the evenings. Sneering, whispering and giggling of supervisors in huddles talking about and looking at me and other shop floor assistants. Horrbile work environment. Putting coffee lids in mop buckets to "check my work", sending me out in the rain to clean the car wash. Being put on shifts where i cant even get a break. Management and some other staff do be robbing the place blind and they try cover it up by adjusting stock on the system and even trying to blame other people for "cash loss". Filling up the cars and cashing it off as a drive off. Using money from work float to pay for personal things and replacing it 'when they have it'. It is a disgrace of a company. Head offices need to investigate all these happenings."

sprzedawca-kasjer (Current Employee) says

"Pracuję od 11 lat , tak źle jeszcze nie było , ciągłe ciśnienie na sprzedaż z baru (food), zmniejszanie załogi ,teraz jeszcze niedziela jak święta , czyli kolejka cały dzień , oczywiście towaru nie ma kto dokładać , no i wiadomo szalet miejski całodobowo darmowy !BrakSamotne nocki, 12 godzin stania za kasą, zarobki minimalna krajowa"

Subsea/surface Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Forgettable experience, poor management, terrible HR, poorly run business"

Wellsite Geologist (Former Employee) says

"Provided geological supervision which includes drilling operations in the Athabasca region of Alberta. Evaluated the oil and gas formations, and reported to geology department manager."

Tech (Former Employee) says

"This company has serious management issues (Houston) from the top down. The management's lack of success in exploration discoveries reveals deeper issues. Be very weary before accepting a job offer here, the few good benefits do not outweigh the negatives. No true pension plan. Health benefits not what they once were. Flashy management with no record of success or ability."

VP of Comms (Current Employee) says

"Not a strong place to work or grow. Leadership made bad decisions about what to invest in and employees are paying the price. Was losing over $1 billion per year in 2015. Only worse since then.Surrounded by depressing Norwegian artworkSurrounded by depressing Norwegian artwork"

Researcher (Former Employee) says

"NOC full of top management not used to competitive environment."

Principal Consultant Drilling and Well Ops (Former Employee) says

"Regulatory Leader is a terrible leader. There's constant turnover due to her. Good people quit because of her treatment and others are let go even though they are doing an awesome job. Leader is a nut case and should not be a leader."

HR Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Leaders are protected and transferred to lead departments despite having no competence or understanding of those functions. HR managers at all levels are liars and bullies who exhibit absolutely zero integrity and function only to protect their own interest without any regard for the company’s interests. They terminate long-term employees and new employees at will if they are threatened by their competence, and they protect their low performing team members at all costs to protect their own positions without challenge. This is all done in the name of Norwegian “culture”. If you are a high performer with high morals and character who wants to be valued for contributing to the good of a company, this is not the place for you. They will tempt you with great benefits, but only those without a conscious will survive in this toxic incompetent culture."

Performance Manager (Current Employee) says

"Managers manage up and have limited real business experience. No long-term commitment to staff. Skill disregarded; politics is all. Have no business trying to operate onshore US, should keep to offshore Norway.Discounted meals, payWork load distribution; accountability; crummy management"

Corporate Audit Leader/Joint Venture Audit Leader (Former Employee) says

"big promises, holistic mission statement, only Norwegians succeed. Do not want to know anything negative that is discovered, especially from internal audit! Culture does not fit in the USA, especially in Texas.High salary, bonus, Ltino career development"

Coordinator Facilities (Former Employee) says

"If the US offices truly adhered to the Norwegian values it truly would be a blessing to work for the company. They believe in family and they do take care of their employees health insurance wise but thats about it.Great insurance and benefitsNo room for growth - horrible management"

Coordinator Facilities (Former Employee) says

"The work life balance and benefits were great! However, the management in the US could not (or would not rather) following the ethics that the Norway offices had established to be for all offices. It is a shame to because the Norway office code of ethics was phenomenal. The Houston offices was a very hostile and unstable working environment instigated by the managers. We would have reviews EVERY month. Raises and bonuses were non-existent. Promotions were basically given to the Norway personnel. Layoffs were every six months (if not more) and incredibly poor decision making on expenditures. It is a shame because Statoil was a diamond in the rough.Great benefits, reduced lunches, and pto timeThe management"

Safety & Sustainability Unit (HSE) says

"The managers at Equinor in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays are only concerned with stepping over power employees to make themselves look good for Houston and Norway. They will roll you under the bus in a heart beat to save themselves. Great payTotally unorganized and get contractors killed"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job was that part that managment decided to change our accounting system. it was so difficult because we had to prepare our reports on time while we had to learn new system and organized all information.time managmentbeing organized"

Consultant (Contract) says

"In many ways it was a great place to work - mainly because of the people that I met there & worked with. Serious management deficiencies - the work not organized very well. Promises made & not kept."

sprzedawca (Current Employee) says

"Samodzielne zmiany nocne przy otwartej stacji to wystarczający motyw aby odstraszyć nowych pracowników. Kiedyś stacja skarb, dbając o bezpieczeństwo pracowników, premie, wysoka kulturę teraz liczy się tylko marka która została sprzedana kanadyjskiej sieci.... premie sprzedazowe 2 grosze za sprzedaż hot doga ha ha śmiechu warte. Kierownictwo w Poznaniu ok, klienci różni jak to w życiu bywa. Zatrudniony jesteś jako sprzedawca, kasjer, sprzątaczka, placowy, marketingowiec, magazynier, merchandiser, pracownik terenów zielonych i specjalista ds. obsługi klienta za miesięczne 1300 zł z premii!!!socjal, umowa o pracęsamodzielne zmiany nocne!!!!!! niskie wynagrodzenie, brak awansow"

Innesäljare/Distriktschef (Former Employee) says

"Inga möjligheter till avancemang eller variation. Tråkiga och enahanda produkter Trist arbetsplats (Nacka)Hittar ingaInga framtidsutsikter"

Senior Accountant (Current Employee) says

"The amount of hours worked at times exceeded 15 hours per day, and there were times when days worked consecutively not leaving time for work life balance. Lack of People Skills and would not recommend working in this type of environment. The compensation and benefits are not worth the poor environment.great benefits and compensationPoor Leadership"

Contractor Coordinator/Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Was hired on a contract basis then was never given anything to do. Had to find my own work to stay busy. Very clicky and unfriendly - other admins were very rude and not helpful.No Communication Unfriendly AtmosphereBeautiful offices, great location, easy work"

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